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Home Modifications

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Here at Leading Health Solutions our friendly team of occupational therapists can provide expert

advice and assessment to help you find the perfect solutions to the challenges posed by your home

or community environments. 

What Are Home Modifications?

Home modifications refers to any changes to the structure, layout or fittings of an
in order to increase the ease and safety of access, or to facilitate
greater safety and 
independence whilst performing everyday tasks.

As occupational therapists we often work with clients who need home
modifications due to a disability or aging-related concerns. These modifications
may include structural changes to the home, such as widening doorways or installing
wheelchair ramps, or the addition of assistive technology devices, such as grab bars
or stairlifts.


The process of prescribing home modifications involves the OT evaluating the client's needs
and abilities from a clinical point of view to determine what modifications are necessary.
This may involve a home assessment to identify potential hazards and barriers to mobility and
independence. The occupational therapist will then work with the client and their family to
develop a customized plan for modifying the home. Together, the client, family and OT will then
liaise with a builder to quote the modifications.

The goal of occupational therapy home modifications is to enable individuals to remain in their own homes

safely and independently while promoting their physical and emotional well-being. OTs may also provide
education and training to help their clients and caregivers use the modifications safely and effectively, and may

recommend additional services or resources as needed.

This can include things such as:

  • The installation of temporary or permanent ramps

  • bathroom modifications to improve access, safety and independence

  • alterations to the home layout; including kitchens, widening of doorways, installation of lifts.

  • installation or removal of steps and stairs

  • alterations to the entrances/exits of your home

  • widening or resurfacing of pathways.

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