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Our Difference

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Here at Leading Health Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality service that sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Some of our differences include:

  • a value-add approach: where the team do not charge for every email and phone call

  • individualised and itemised service agreements tailored to each client's needs: ensuring you know where your funding is going.

  • high quality and purposeful reports: we make sure that every word counts.

  • a team of therapists who do not work to billable targets: you are our priority

  • a collaborative team that puts you at the centre of your journey: we are here to help establish
    and achieve your goals together

  • therapists with low case load numbers: we have the time to dedicate to you

  • an open and honest referral acceptance process: to ensure we are the right fit for you

  • a team that highly values communication: we are committed to keeping you informed.

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